Journal Club

Title Subject Skill Level Postedsort ascending
Review of "Corneal Endothelial Damage After Cataract Surgery in Eyes With Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome" Complicated cases (PXF, small pupil, mature lens) Advanced Jul2013
Review of "Management and Outcomes of Intraocular Lens Dislocation in Patients" Cataract complications (Other) Advanced Jul2013
Review of “Corneal endothelial damage after cataract surgery in eyes with pseudoexfoliation syndrome” Complicated cases (PXF, small pupil, mature lens) Advanced Jun2013
Review of "Comparisons of posterior capsular opacification and glistenings with 2 hydrophobic intraocular lenses: Five- to seven-year follow-up" Cataract complications (Other), Teaching and learning Basic May2013
Review of "Clinical Outcomes of Triamcinolone-Assisted Anterior Vitrectomy After Phacoemulsification Complicated by Posterior Capsule Rupture" PC Rupture; anterior vitrectomy Advanced Mar2013
Review of “A Correlation of Visual Quality With Satisfaction and Function in a Normal Cohort of Pseudophakic Patients” Cataract complications (Other) Basic Mar2013
Review of “Residual lens cortex material: Potential risk factor for endophthalmitis Cortex removal, Cataract complications (Other) Basic Feb2013
Review of “Photorefractive Keratectomy in Patients With Suspected Keratoconus: Five-Year Follow-Up” Teaching and learning Basic Jan2013
Review of “Contribution of Posterior Corneal Astigmatism to Total Corneal Astigmatism” Management of astigmatism Advanced Dec2012
Review of “Using Multiple Trabecular Patients to Treat Open-Angle Glaucoma” Complicated cases (PXF, small pupil, mature lens) Advanced Nov2012