Journal Club

Title Subject Skill Level Postedsort ascending
Difficulty keeping pseudophakic monovision straight IOL material, design and delivery Basic Aug2014
Review of “Refractive accuracy with light-adjustable intraocular lenses” IOL material, design and delivery Advanced Jul2014
Review of "Straylight before and after phacoemulsification in eyes with preoperative corrected distance visual acuity better than 0.1 logMAR" Other Basic May2014
Review of "Risk factors for acute postoperative intraocular pressure elevation after phacoemulsification in glaucoma patients" Other Basic Apr2014
Review of "Correction of moderate corneal astigmatism during cataract surgery: Toric intraocular lens versus peripheral corneal relaxing incisions" Other Basic Mar2014
Review of "Validation of metrics for the detection of subclinical keratoconus in a new patient collective" Other Basic Feb2014
UCLA residents review of “Surgical outcomes bandage to clear corneal incisions during Teaching and learning Basic Nov2013
University of Washington residents review of “Assessment of whether visual outcomes with diffractive multifocal intraocular lenses vary with patient age IOL material, design and delivery, Teaching and learning Basic Oct2013
Yale residents’ review of: “Corneal endothelial cell loss and corneal thickness Cataract complications (Other) Basic Sep2013
Review of “Complications and visual outcomes after glued foldable intraocular lens implantation in eyes with inadequate capsules” Complicated cases (PXF, small pupil, mature lens) Advanced Aug2013